Who is (woosh)?

It is a Saudi company that aims to provide a unique entertainment experience/solutions that suit every customer and every age group under the " Enjoyment for All


Founding of Woosh

Since 2019, we have been striving to provide entertainment solutions that suit and satisfy all our customers from the spectrum of society, from families to organizations of all ages, our primary goal is to create a sustainable and extended impact on the quality of life of society, with a creative team capable of enriching your experience and making it unforgettable.


Our Vision

Creation of sustainable and extended impact on the quality of societies’ life

Get To know The team

مرام المحيميد

مديره علاقات عامة

ابتهال الفقيري

اخصائي تسويق

محمد انعام

مصمم جرافيك

رندا وليد

مديره مشاريع

سعاد العواجي

كاتبة محتوى

محمود العموش

مدير التشغيل


مدير المراكز

احمد المطلق

مدير فرع

راكان العوفي


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